Game Rules/ FAQ

Welcome to HeliAR. This is an augmented reality first person aircraft shooter game in 3D. You are now the pilot of a powerful helicopter seeing the world sky through your phone’s screen. Try to destroy as much enemies helicopter as possible to become a Helicopter Warrior. 
There are 2 version of HeliAR: 
  • HeliAR Lite: The free version with many limitations.
  • HeliAR: The full version with all features. Pay only 1 euro to get it.
Game Rules
  • The target of each round  is to kill all the enemies surround you. You can see the number of enemies left at the top of the screen
  • The enemies respawn around you in real world so hold your phone and move it around  to aim at the enemy and press fire button to shoot your weapon at them.
  •  Use the radar at top left corner to find out the position of your enemy. The white point indicates your position while the red points indicate enemies’ position. Your  visible area is limited by the two white lines in the radar.
  •  The radar does not work properly sometimes due to device sensor problem, so shake the phone to make it work.
  •  Sometimes the enemies are invisible in a short time because they are using steath ability to avoid being attacked. 
  • When system of helicopter is damaged, the background  is invisible, but the enemies are still visible.
  •  Use the two  buttons at the bottom left corner of the screen to change your weapons. Each weapon has different power, reload time and special ability. See more at weapon description.
  •  Shoot carefully because the bullets of each gun is limited. You can see the number of bullets left of current gun at the bottom of game screen.
  • Every time you shoot accurately at an enemy, its health point will drop down. Check enemy’ s health point by aiming at them. When its health point decreases to 0, the helicopter will explode.
  •  An item box will come out every time an enemy is destroyed. Shoot it to get items ( gun,  bullet, health point)
  •  The enemy can fire you as well, you can see your health point at the top of screen.  Be careful not let your health point decrease to 0 or you will be done.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q: What is HeliAR stands for?
    A: It stands for "Helicopter Augmented Reality". This is one of very few games using AR technology for Nokia mobile.
  2. Q: Sometimes the radar doesn't work properly, why?
     The radar does not work properly sometimes due to device sensor problem. Thus, remember to shake the phone to make it work.
  3. Q: Why does the game screen turn black sometimes?
    A: That's due to mobile's graphic memory problem. To avoid this, you should restart the game, then at main menu, skip Help/About/Option section and go straight to play game.
  4. Q: What is the difference between Lite version and Full version?
    A: The Full version has more campaings, more weapon types, more helicopter's types and so on... Pay only 1 euro to get the Full version with all features.
  5. Q: Where can I buy the Full Version?
    A: Search it on Ovi store. The full version doesn't have "Lite" in its name.

Tutorial Video