Wednesday, 9 November 2011

31,000 download times in half month

Hi, sky warriors! We proudly announce that HeliAR Lite has reached 31,000 download times in half-month since publishing. This is a great encouragement for our team. Thank you, everyone!

We have received some complaint about how to play the game. It's true that AR game is not easy to get used to. Therefore, for your convenience, we will add a tutorial video in this site soon. For now, if you don't understand how to play, please read Game rules/ FAQ carefully or ask your question in Support section and we will answer as soon as possible. Besides, we have updated Game rules/ FAQ to answer your latest questions about how the radar doesn't work properly, or why the game screen turns black sometimes.

Please keep supporting us by downloading and introducing this free game to your family and friends! Your support is our inspiration!

UPDATE: The tutorial video has been uploaded. Watch it in Game rules/ FAQ

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